Fixit 777

Final render extra white

  • Mineral-based and biocide-free
  • Extra white
  • Diverse structures possible
Item no.Packaging typeConsumption/abundancedashedkg/unitunit/pal.Granulation
2000635471Bagapprox. 2 kg/m²Full abrasion25 kg/unit40 unit/pal.1 mm
2000664516Bagapprox. 3,5 kg/m²Negative25 kg/unit40 unit/pal.3 mm
2000664515Bag2,6–3 kg/m²Negative25 kg/unit40 unit/pal.2 mm
2000664512Bagapprox. 2,1 kg/m²Negative25 kg/unit40 unit/pal.1,5 mm
2000952204Bag5,2–5,5 kg/m²Full abrasion25 kg/unit40 unit/pal.4-6 mm
2000664525Bag5–5,3 kg/m²Full abrasion25 kg/unit40 unit/pal.4 mm
2000663006Bag3,9–4,2 kg/m²Full abrasion25 kg/unit40 unit/pal.3 mm
2000663005Bag2,9–3,3 kg/m²Full abrasion25 kg/unit40 unit/pal.2 mm
2000634655Bag2,2–2,5 kg/m²Full abrasion25 kg/unit40 unit/pal.1,5 mm
2000664559Bag1,5–2 kg/m²Slurry plaster25 kg/unit40 unit/pal.0,5 mm

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Technical documents

TDS Fixit 777 Final render extra white en

Technical data sheet

837 KB
MSDS Fixit 777 Final render extra white en

Safety data sheet

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Benefits of this product

Mineral-based and biocide-free

Extra white

Diverse structures possible

Weather resistant

On gypsum, limestone and cement substrates

Range of grain sizes

ECO certified

Product description

This extra white, weather resistant fine render is used as a mineral based final coat on cement, limestone and gypsum bound substrates, both indoors and outdoors.

The substrate must be clean, dry and of adequate load-bearing capacity. Prior treatment with Fixit 475 Primer for mineral-based final renderings is recommended.

Material base

  • Binder: White lime, white cement
  • Aggregates: Marble sand
  • Additives: Water retention agents, air entraining agents, bonding agents, water repellent medium

Processing information

Building wall outside / inside
Use at a temperature between + 5 °C and + 30 °C
Add 6.5-7.0 l of water
Apply with a trowel
Finish with a trowel
Protect from sun and rain
Storage 12 months, protect from the weather
Observe the information on the technical card

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