Fixit Aerogel Insulating Plaster

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Aerogel Architecture Award 2022


The competition started on January 19, 2022 and includes construction projects with airgel all over the world.


We hereby invite you to submit your use of aerogel.

AAA 2021

Aerogel Architecture Award 2021


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AAA 2021

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Fixit Aerogel – the spray-coated façade insulation

In 2013 Fixit AG successfully introduced Aerogel high-performance insulating plaster to the market. Since then there has been a continuous stream of examples of buildings which have undergone energy-efficient renovation using Fixit insulating plaster. The advantages are clear: the energy consumption of the building is reduced enormously, but the appearance of its façade remains unchanged.

As a result of more stringent planning conditions and higher levels of environmental consciousness observed worldwide, the improvement of energy efficiency in buildings is becoming an increasing important consideration. For countless existing buildings the question is how to progress them into the 21st century in terms of energy efficiency. In the case of historically important buildings, an additional question rears its head: how can one improve the comfort level in valuable listed buildings while at the same time reducing their energy requirement?

Several years ago, Empa and the Fixit Co. took on the challenge presented by these questions and developed a novel Aerogel insulating plaster, with the help of supplies, provided by the Cabot company, of the material with the best thermal insulation properties of all known solids – Aerogel.

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