Buildings under conservation orders

Energy-saving renovation of historical buildings

To avoid altering the appearance of the walls of old buildings when renovating, the use of plaster is the best choice. However till now there has been no energy efficient solution to this problem which was both technically and visually satisfactory. Plaster-treated facades of unchanged appearance are now, however, possible.

The new Fixit 222 Aerogel High-Performance Insulating Plaster offers building engineers an elegant way of renovating historical buildings in an energy-saving manner, without altering their external appearance. Since faithful reproduction of the wall appearance is now possible, energy-saving renovation work on buildings which are under conservation orders is now guaranteed. Efficient insulation is possible using only thin layers of plaster. For example, the mineral based Fixit Aerogel insulating plaster system can be applied in a layer a factor of two or three times thinner than conventional products.

Replacing a 3 cm thick layer of conventional render with 3 cm of aerogel plaster can reduce the energy loss through the façade by a factor of two.