Dubach House, Hägglingen


multi-family house


2014 - 2016


Conversion / Restoration


CH - 5606 Hägglingen (AG)


The protected building, dating from the early 19th century, was once used as a bakery. The building was converted to a multiple-family dwelling with painstaking attention given to maintaining the historical substance. Fixit 288 Calce Clima Thermo was applied to the façade to meet the requirements of the preservation authority for a thermal protective plaster coat.

Used products

Fixit 462

Render for renovation work

Fixit 777

Final render extra white

Involved companies


Landolt & Ackeret AG, Hägglingen


Landolt & Ackeret AG, Hägglingen


Familie René und Monika Landolt-Rey, Hägglingen

Further references

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The Fixit renovation technique, including the use of a 30mm thick plaster layer of Fixit 222 Insulating Plaster, created a novel room climate based on its water-vapour permeability. The combined layers of the plaster system absorb excess humidity from the air and return it in a controlled way to the room, preventing the development of mildew

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