Old Mill, Sissach


Historical building




Conversion / Restoration


CH - 4450 Sissach


The old mill, which was converted to a multiple family dwelling, was one of the first historically important buildings to undergo energy-efficient renovation using Fixit 222, a worldwide first. Subsequently Fixit 203 Finish Coat with hydraulic lime was applied to the façade of the protected building to faithfully reproduce the original plasterwork.

Used products

Fixit 203

Finish coat with hydraulic lime

Fixit 222

Aerogel High Performance Insulating Plaster

Fixit 223

Special Embedding Mortar

Fixit 211

Roughcast mortar with adhesive agent

Fixit 493

Mineral-based undercoat stabilizer

Involved companies


Energieberatung Carbotech AG, 4002 Basel


Sager AG, 4492 Tecknau & Edmund Jourdan AG, 4132 Muttenz

Further references

House of the curate, Bremgarten

Das spätgotische Gebäude diente vermutlich der 1460 gegründeten Bullingerpfründe als Kaplanei und wurde nach der Rekatholisierung 1531 zur Helferei. Die rund 500 Jahre alte Liegenschaft, welche mittlerweile unter Denkmalschutz steht, wurde im Laufe der Nutzungszeit immer wieder renoviert, letztmals vor 60 Jahren vollumfänglich und 1990 mit einer sanften Innen- und Aussenrenovation.

Energy efficient renovation Chesa Palmira, Bever

The Chesa Palmira was built in 1672, and the original floor plan has remained unchanged till today. The façade of this historic building was energy efficiently renovated by applying an 8 cm thick layer of Fixit 222 Aerogel High Performance Insulating Plaster. Fixit 208 was used for the final coat. Finally lime whitewash was applied to the façade and the identical sgraffito pattern from 1952 was carved into it.

Façade renovation, Barandun, Zillis

Façade renovation with Fixit 222 Aerogel High Performance Insulating Plaster. Existing base layer removed, masonry dry cleaned and the entire façade fixed with a tile rabitz. 3 – 5 cm of Fixit 222 was applied directly onto the tile rabitz. Then Fixit 733/734 Stucco final coat was applied and two layers of Fixit 784 paint rolled on.