Multiple-family dwelling, Küssnacht am Rigi


multi-family house




Conversion / Restoration


6403 Küssnacht am Rigi


Architecturally and aesthetically valuable exposed concrete walls were energy efficiently renovated by applying layer of Fixit 222 Aerogel High Performance Insulating Plaster to the indoor faces. The appearance was maintained unchanged. The excellent thermal insulation meant that a minimal application of just 5 cm of plaster was adequate to achieve the required performance. (Images: Daniel Reinhard, Sachseln)

Used products

Fixit 222

Aerogel High Performance Insulating Plaster

Fixit 223

Special Embedding Mortar

Fixit 493

Mineral-based undercoat stabilizer

Involved companies


Suter Architekten, Küssnacht


Maler-und Gipsergeschäft Rexhepi, Beatenberg

Further references

Residential Home Wyssestein, Solothurn

The Fixit renovation technique, including the use of a 30mm thick plaster layer of Fixit 222 Insulating Plaster, created a novel room climate based on its water-vapour permeability. The combined layers of the plaster system absorb excess humidity from the air and return it in a controlled way to the room, preventing the development of mildew

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