Single-family dwelling, Langnau a. A.


Single-family house




Conversion / Restoration


8135 Langnau a. A.


Renovation of a single-family dwelling. Base and finish coats removed. Reconstruction with Fixit 211 rough cast mortar, Fixit 222 Aerogel High Performance Insulating Plaster 40mm, Fixit 493 Mineral-based undercoat stabilizer, mesh embedding in Fixit 223, undercoat Fixit 730 silicate plaster 3-4 mm.

Used products

Fixit 222

Aerogel High Performance Insulating Plaster

Fixit 211

Roughcast mortar with adhesive agent

Fixit 493

Mineral-based undercoat stabilizer

Involved companies


Peter Portenier, dipl. Ing. HTL und Co., 8600 Dübendorf


A. Renk Bauunternehmung AG, 8045 Zürich

Further references

Aerogel interior insulation, farm house Othmarsingen

Aerogel indoor insulation, since the façades were to remain unaltered. The entire interior façade, approx. 180 m², was insulated with 5 cm of Fixit 222 then positive coated with 1.5 mm Fixit 777 Structured Plaster

Chesa Sonder, Zuoz

The façade of this building in Zuoz, which is classified as worthy of preservation, was energetically renovated with 7 - 8 cm Fixit 222 Airgel high-performance insulating plaster. Fixit 203 was applied as the finishing plaster and painted with Fixit 784. The outer wall against the stable was insulated with Fixitherm.roc Compact Pro 034 140 mm.

Detached house Belp

All of the old plaster was stripped down to the brick and rebuilt with the airgel insulation system. The facade renovation was carried out with 4 cm Fixit 222 Airgel high-performance insulation plaster system and the mineral finishing plaster Fixit 777 2.0mm pos., was painted twice with the colored mineral paint Fixit 785 evo to the color Fixit 59018.