«La Débridée» building


Hotel / Restaurant




Conversion / Restoration


Grand-Rue 71, 1180 Rolle


Renovation of the building with a 30 – 60 mm thick layer of Fixit 222 Aerogel High Performance Insulating Plaster. Fixit 203 mineral-based finish coat followed by water-vapour permeable, hydrophobic, mineral-based Fixit 784 Silicate plaster roll-on paint.

Used products

Fixit 203

Finish coat with hydraulic lime

Fixit 222

Aerogel High Performance Insulating Plaster

Fixit 223

Special Embedding Mortar

Fixit 493

Mineral-based undercoat stabilizer

Involved companies


Bernard Pahud architectes, 1180 Rolle


BGM Sàrl, 1185 Mont-sur-Rolle


Commune de Rolle, 1180 Rolle

Further references

Façade renovation of the former Hotel Meyerhof, Hospental UR

The old façade base coat was removed down to the quarry-stone wall, then completely rebuilt as follows (including allowing for appropriate drying times): Fixit 493 Mineral-based Undercoat Stabilizer was first sprayed onto the quarry-stone wall, then a 6 – 8 cm thick layer of Fixit 222 High Performance Insulating Render applied with reinforcing mesh, attached with Fixit 223 Special Embedding Mortar, embedded over the whole surface. Fixit 475 Primer for Mineral-Based Final Rendering was applied as an undercoat over the entire façade. The large white areas were covered twice with 0.5mm coats of Fixit 777 Fine Extra White Render. The smaller grey areas were covered with a mixture of Fixit 205 (base coat with hydraulic lime) and 208 (basic mixture for restauration work) to create a Tyrolean render. This was applied with a hand-operated plaster spreader/flicker. Finally the façade was given two coats of mineral-based paint.