Fixit 670

Extended cement roughcast

  • Pure mineral basis
  • Good adhesion
  • Machine application
Item no.Packaging typeFactorykg/unitunit/pal.Consumption/abundance
1097014Bag-40 kg/unit25 unit/pal.6.5 kg/m²
1087004SiloWeiach1000 kg/unit-6.5 kg/m²

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Technical documents

TDS Fixit 670 Extended cement roughcast en

Technical data sheet

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MSDS Fixit 670 Extended cement roughcast en

Safety data sheet

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Benefits of this product

Pure mineral basis

Good adhesion

Machine application

Non-slip substrate for plaster

Product description

The extended cement mortar rough cast improves adhesion to the following plaster layer. It evens out the absorbency of the substrate and also offers additional weather protection to the masonry.

Suitable substrate surfaces such as brickwork, sand-lime bricks, quarry stone masony and cement stone, must be clean, dry and of adequate load-bearing capacity.

Material base

  • Binder: Hydraulic lime, hydrated lime, cement
  • Aggregates: Limestone and pit sand size 0 - 3 mm
  • Additives: Water retention agents, air entraining agents

Processing information

Building wall outside / inside
Use at a temperature between + 5 °C and + 30 °C
Treat using a float
Protect from sun and rain
Storage 6 months, protect from the weather
Observe the information on the technical card
Attention! Protect hands and eyes

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