Fields of application

Fields of application

Outdoor applications:

Fixit 222 Aerogel High-Performance Insulating Plaster is primarily used for repairing and renovating building façades. The advantage of using this product is that because the applied layer is so thin the characteristics of the building remain unchanged. In addition, the mineral composition of the Aerogel insulating plaster prevents the growth of algae and hinders fungal attack.

The Fixit Aerogel insulating plaster system can also be used for rendering highly insulating brickwork in new buildings. The Fixit system achieves the same U-value as conventional insulating materials while saving approximately 11 cm of wall thickness.

Indoor applications:

The insulating plaster is applied by spraying directly onto the façade. However the product is not limited to outdoor applications, being very well-suited for indoor use too. Cutting sheets of insulation to clad the walls of irregularly shaped rooms, narrow spaces or angled corners such as staircases, archways and supporting walls is a painstaking process. The insulation of indoor walls using Aerogel products is a much faster and more efficient affair. Not only that, the plaster adheres directly to the masonry without leaving hollow spaces in which humidity can condense.