Energy rehabilitation House Paganini, Chur

Itemmulti-family house
TypeConversion / Restoration
Location CH - 7000 Chur (GR)
InformationThe 4-unit multiple-family dwelling was completely renovated, both internally and externally. The energy-efficient façade restoration was carried out using a 4 - 5 cm thick layer of Fixit 222 Aerogel High Performance Thermally Insulating Plaster. The special character of the façade, with its striking window surrounds, has been preserved.

Used products

Involved companies

PAGANINI Plan AG Integral
Nicol. Hartmann & Cie. AG,
Sandro Paganini und Damiano Paganini

Further references

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The Fixit renovation technique, including the use of a 30mm thick plaster layer of Fixit 222 Insulating Plaster, created a novel room climate based on its water-vapour permeability. The combined layers of the plaster system absorb excess humidity from the air and return it in a controlled way to the room, preventing the development of mildew

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